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May 28


EquestriaBound is a My Little Pony hack of EarthBound for the SNES. You take control of Dinky Hooves, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo on a world spanning quest to save Equestria from a dark future in a hack featuring new graphics, music, script, and events.

Version 1.4.1 can be downloaded here: EquestriaBound
You will, of course, need to locate an EarthBound rom. Google should be able to assist with this

The instruction manual can be downloaded separately here: Manual

May 27

ponies! print!


ponies! print!

May 25


art timeeee, let’s draw some dragon!scootaloo

(via celestiawept2)

May 23

This is all the data I’ve mined from the MLP Top Trumps card set. For those who don’t know, Top Trumps is played by having everyone draw a card, then the person whose turn it is chooses a stat listed on the card. The cards are shown, and whoever has the card with the highest number in that stat gets all the cards played that turn. Last one with cards wins. As you could guess, there’s a fair bit we could learn about Equestria by looking at this info, but there’s a lot of things…. off, or at the very least worth pointing out. I’ve marked those in the faded graphs.


일애니도 보기시작.
현재 토라도라, 나중에는 논노비요리 봐야지.

May 22

Second doodle this one took longer I think a hour and 20 min


Second doodle this one took longer I think a hour and 20 min

May 21

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