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Jan 16


'Told you guys I would post the colored versions, soon.

Dec 31

Dec 30

tryin out new stuff still??


tryin out new stuff still??

Dec 21

Super Fluttershy WIP.
So excited for Saturday’s episode.


Super Fluttershy WIP.

So excited for Saturday’s episode.

Dec 20

Dec 15


And the last two-

#13: Vinyl Scratch
#14: Fleur de Lis

From : 2013 Annual Compilation.

grandelements said: Sunset, do you plan on returning to Equestia when the portal reopens 30 moons from its closure? And what does 30 moons even mean?


Sunset Shimmer stood on the roof of Canterlot High School, staring up at the moon rising above the horizon into a softly violet dusk sky. She wasn’t really supposed to be up here, especially not after school hours, but what Principal Celestia didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Besides, Sunset couldn’t get quite so clear a view of the moon down on the ground. Not with so many buildings and trees standing in the way.

Tonight marked the fifteenth moon, the fifteenth month. The halfway point to when the portal would reopen.

Sunset stepped up to the ledge of the roof as she kept her eyes trained upward. The sky really was a lovely shade of purple. A familiar shade, too. These last fifteen months were all her fault, of course, the fault of that stupid little princess. The stupid little princess who’d given Sunset back her life, who’d given Sunset all the friends she had now, who’s given Sunset something to hope for and strive towards. The stupid little princess who Sunset felt a tiny bit embarrassed to think about quite as much as she did.

“Yo, Shimmer!”

The shout came from below and, startled, Sunset glanced down. Rainbow Dash stood there on the school lawn, with crossed arms and an impatiently tapping foot. But there was a grin on her face that betrayed that Rainbow wasn’t really mad.

Sunset grinned back. “What do you want, Dash?”

“The other girls sent me to get you.” Rainbow raised an eyebrow. “You are still going to the fundraising party for the animal shelter, right?”

“Well, of course I am.” Sunset made a scoffing noise and rolled her eyes. “I’m not stupid! I know how important this is to Fluttershy.”

Rainbow Dash nodded as she began walking off. “Hey, just checking. You always get a little weird and go AWOL this time of month. I mean, weirder than usual.”

Sunset glared daggers as Rainbow ran off, cackling. “That better not have been a PMS joke, Dash! Or I swear I will—”

She cut herself off. No, no, no. None of that. She was the new Sunset Shimmer, and the new Sunset Shimmer did not threaten her friends. At least, not more than once a week, she didn’t. Twice a week, tops, and that was only if Applejack was being particularly ornery.

With a quiet sigh, she glanced up again. The sky had melted from purple into black during the time she’d talked with Dash, and she felt a little sad. Dusk was always her favorite time of day. Oh, well. There’d always be next month. And the month after that. And the month after that.

Until finally she’d arrive at the point where she was ready. Where she was the person she wanted to be, the person she knew she could be. The kind of person Twilight Sparkle deserved.

In the interim, she had a party to attend. Smiling, Sunset stepped down off the ledge and headed for the roof stairs.

((OOC: I won’t do a cop-out like this very often, I swearsies, but I’d already written this previously and it fit the question almost to a T. Forgive me.))


To the sweetest plum I’ve met.  Hope you have a merry christmas, Plumsweet!


To the sweetest plum I’ve met.  Hope you have a merry christmas, Plumsweet!

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