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Apr 23



listen to & download the cats millionaire tribute album here

this is total surprise to me and completely out of nowhere and really hard for me to even like imagine all but julian moon and a tonne of other really really sweet people got together and made a SIXTEEN TRACK tribute album to me of all people????? WHICH IS LIKE REALLY INCREDIBLE???? IT SOUNDS SO GOOD AND I FEEL LIKE.. its so ridiculous shouldnt you wait until after im dead to do something like this… its so amazing… thank you so much to everybody who was involved with this i hope i can reach all of you individually to thank you.. you’re all fucking incredible sweet beautiful amazing talented people and i just found out about this and im just really fucking freaked out and touched right now geez.. this album is sick……!!!!

A great friend of mine is an absolutely amazing artist and generally a wonderful, lovable person and so a bunch of people put out a tribute album for her. Thank you for letting me to be a part of it and make the album cover!


The many commissions of BABScon (that I remembered to take a picture of).

We got Celestia’s use of free time with reality being mirrors (gave to Andy Price)
Sasha from SnK
Another Vinyl because some guy liked the first one.
Some God awful fucking OC
An FoE thing
Another waifu bites the dust
Cyril the Wolf on a grand adventure


Animal Crossing: Equestria Town


some doodles.


some doodles.

Apr 21


Tried my hand at drawing ponies and I think they came out okay!

You can get this design on a t-shirt, hoodie, or sticker too~


season 4


season 4


Apr 20

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