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Brony-FiM Alliance Pins Indiegogo

We are starting a father and son venture to become quality jewelry and collectible makers.  We need a little extra funding to get the equipment we need to raise the quality of products and maintain a competitive price.  Better equipment will help us keep our prices low and provide a better end product.

In order to achieve this goal we are running a fund raising campaign based around 1 1/2” collectible pins.  We also hope to sell the pin designs as pendants, and possibly other formats.

Crystal Fair Chairman Interview on Bettina

0:00 Thank you Riki. I’ll invite our next quest. -Splendid

0:04 Is a brony familiar term for you?

0:06 I must say it is a quite a mystery for me

0:11 It is a mystery for me too-

0:14 what makes adult men-

0:20 get exited of these ponies and organize fairs around them.

0:25 Welcome our next guest Oskar Westerlund.

0:44 Oskar Westerlund, I warmly welcome you to our show.

0:58 Forgive me my great bewilderment or amazement

1:03 Are you serious? -Indeed

1:07 Is this really your own sweetheart?

1:12 Not really mine, but she wanted to come along.

1:15 Would you explain with your own words what is a brony?

1:19 The term first emerged in the internet at 4chan image board

1:24 It’s kind of a habit to come up with identities and avoid long explanations

1:29 It’s much easier to condense a term into one word.

1:36 Someone combined words bro and pony

1:42 It’s a compact word which tells the message quickly

1:46 You bronies have in common the fact that-

1:48 that you are adult men into the toy ponies.

1:52 Well it used to be kinda that but now days gender really doesn’t matter

1:56 Term refers to all fans out side of the target audience.

2:00 What do you do with your ponies? -It depends.

2:06 Fans outside of the target audience usually are collectors.

2:11 Collecting the merchandise is only one side

2:13 There’s more communal element into the phenomena. There are chats and meet ups

2:19 Crafting our own pony stuff, and attending to events and fairs.

2:23 Since we are talking about men, it would be easier to understand,-

2:27 if you collected for example motorcycle helmets or hockey sticks.

2:33 Because of… Go ahead.

2:36 I’m actually collecting small Tintin items.

2:40 That’s quite retro. -The kind of small Tintin-figures.

2:46 All the characters are from all the different Tintin comic albums.

2:51 I have three or four complete Tintin sets

2:55 Where ever I reside, the Tintin albums are with me.

3:00 Weren’t Tintin accused from Racism a while back?

3:04 Well, we shall not talk about that. -We shall not.

3:09 The Brony phenomena is interesting Tell me more

3:12 So the pony characters are collected. Do you do other things with them?

3:16 Can you for example play like:

3:19 “Hello, my name is Matilda. What’s your name?”

3:23 Like this?

3:26 Well of course little girls play with the pony characters.

3:30 The TV-Show is in fandom’s spotlight, not really the toys

3:35 We are the fans of the tv-show itself.

3:39 And we brought the creative dimension into it.

3:43 One can collect the merchandise

3:45 write them own stories based on the tv-show-

3:50 or create art like like music inspired by the tv-show.

3:56 And what you are doing? -Organizing events

3:59 You’re organizing a big fair at the Finlandia hall next summer

4:03 At the middle of July, when usually people are enjoying the nature outside

4:08 You’re sitting inside. -One does move around a lot in the fair

4:14 Tell us, what happens there.

4:17 The idea of fairs, or conventions to be precise,-

4:20 is to gather around to experience things related to the theme together

4:26 In this case it’s all about collaborative effort of the fans.

4:32 Developing games, music creating-

4:37 or using your own voice in the fan made animations.

4:40 We have invited the members of the brony community and the creators

4:44 of the show all the way from Vancouver to tell about their experiences

4:49 From Finland and Europe in general-

4:52 not all the fans can get to the US to different kinds of fan meet ups

4:57 Now the same experience is available in Finland

5:00 Opportunity to meet makers of the show and people from the internet-

5:05 and hear their opinions and what’s going on with them.

5:08 Is there any women involved? -Of course.

5:11 As I said, brony is now an unisex term.

5:14 The gender distribution is quite male heavy tough.

5:19 10-15 percent are female, but it looks quite grimm for men…

5:25 How your family reacted?

5:27 My own sons are 21 and 19 years old.

5:31 If they told me they are collecting toy ponies and they were bronies,-

5:35 I’d start to wonder if everything was alright.

5:41 Maybe we should go see a doctor…

5:44 I’m sure you are used to answer questions like these.

5:48 You are actually first one who seems to give a damn. -Sorry.

5:54 My parents are understanding. They know me.

5:57 They know I do anyway what I want.

6:01 After taking a more closer look to the phenomena they’ve noticed,-

6:07 it’s actually really likeable new thing of the Y-generation

6:14 How many ponies do you have? -I am not collecting toys myself.

6:18 I’m touring the different brony events-

6:21 Looking for a fan art to hang to my walls.

6:27 You are studying at Hanken. What are you going to be? -An economist.

6:32 What is your specialization? -Creative entrepreneurship

6:37 Has your studies something to do with your hobbies? -They can be merged for sure

6:42 Want me to give a lecture? -We don’t have time for that.

6:45 You could make something out of this phenomena. You can take a look at this.

6:50 You can make business out of everything. -Exactly.

6:55 Businesses work to satisfy a need or accomplish a goal.

7:02 In volunteer work, events and in companies-

7:07 people work together for a common goal.

7:11 My education supports my hobby. They have many things in common.

7:16 As an organizer I really have noticed, that they are compatible with one another.

7:22 What happens, when you are at the lecture at Hanken for example,-

7:27 and you are talking with your peers?

7:30 Do they know about your pony hobby?

7:33 I don’t make a fuzz about it but I won’t be quiet about it either.

7:38 You probably aren’t carrying pony around with you -It would be rather difficult.

7:43 Not even a little one? -Not even a little one.

7:45 At Hanken I concentrate on my studies-

7:49 or study at home since attendance isn’t mandatory.

7:52 So the pony isn’t next to you at the lectures. -Maybe I should try.

7:56 Just to see how much it disturbs and annoys the lecturer.

8:01 How often do you encounter prejudices because of your hobby?

8:07 There’s always a little bit of teasing going on with my nearest buddies

8:10 I usually annoy them about something else. Girding is very delicate.

8:16 At first it was kind of a big thing when they first heard about it.

8:19 Now we are mostly just joking about it

8:23 How many countries have you been in because of the ponies?

8:27 Well I encountered this fandom trough a live stream of a brony convention.

8:32 I happened to have a free night.

8:34 I started watching the feeds and the event seemed amazing.

8:38 I decided to go to a next brony event at summer in New York

8:43 I booked the flight and the tickets to New York based on a life stream.

8:49 I had no idea what I was in for.

8:51 The results speak for themselves. Now I am organizing similar event to Helsinki.

8:56 From where people are coming to this event?

9:00 The event is aimed mostly for the europeans.

9:03 We have attendees from wide variety of european countries.

9:08 I think the furthest one is coming from Boston in the United States,-

9:13 Because one of the creators will be at the convention.

9:17 Not all that cheap, but eager fan does not mind about it.

9:21 They must be very eager coming all the way from Boston

9:26 You really meet interesting people this line of work.

9:30 Thanks for telling us about the Brony phenomena

Mar 17

#StandWithGrayson: Glenn stands in solidarity with a 9-year-old NC student

On radio this morning, you may have noticed the My Little Pony stuffed animals on Glenn, Pat, and Stu’s desks. Glenn also asked his listeners to send in photos of themselves with My Little Pony paraphernalia. Why? Because today Glenn is standing in solidarity with a nine-year-old North Carolina boy named Grayson Bruce.

On Saturday, TheBlaze posted a mind boggling story involving Grayson, a new lunchbox, a group of bullies, and a school that isn’t doing anything about it. In need of a new lunchbox and a fan of the animated TV program, My Little Pony, Grayson he picked a bag with the character Rainbow Dash from the program. That decision led to him being bullied at school – punched, shoved, and called names.

Grayson’s mom, Noreen Bruce, said that last Thursday morning her son was “so upset he would not get out of the car.” Rather than discipline the billies, a school counselor suggested Grayson “should hide his lunch box in his backpack and that when you carry things like that these things happen.”

“Here’s why I’m torn on this because in a society where I have to build you a special bathroom because you’re confused… God forbid you were ever born a certain gender. No, no. I have to build a bathroom for you,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “But a 9-year-old boy can’t choose to be different? A 9-year-old boy can’t choose My Little Pony and be protected by the school?”

The way Glenn sees it, this was a teaching moment and the school essentially taught that, when push comes to shove, you should hide who you are. The school district’s website states: “Buncombe County Schools strives to foster a climate of respect and personal responsibility among students, and does not tolerate bullying in any form.” And yet the school did not respect Grayson’s views.

“You didn’t respect his viewpoint of ‘I like My Little Pony.’ I don’t have a problem if you say, ‘Hey, buddy, I want you to know there are jerks everywhere’… But they’re tolerating it… They’re building special bathrooms for protected classes,” Glenn said. “Meanwhile, a 9-year-old who just likes My Little Pony is not a protected class, so he has to be told, ‘You should hide who you are.’ How do you expect our children to even know which way is up and which way is down? Because I don’t even understand it.”

The school claims it fosters ‘personal responsibility,’ and yet the school is not taking action against the bullies. Instead, it is encouraging Grayson to hide who he is.

“The only ones being responsible here, I think, is the 9-year-old kid Grayson. He’s being authentic. He’s being responsible. He’s saying, ‘This who I am. I don’t care what anybody else says about me. This is what I like.’ Everybody else is not being responsible… What are we doing?”

This morning, Glenn decided to send a clear message to Grayson and everybody else to let them know “it’s okay to be different.” He asked those listening to share their photos with My Little Pony using the hashtag#StandWithGrayson or email them to me@glennbeck.com.

“We’re not aficionados on My Little Pony. But I am an aficionado on what it takes to be a man in today’s world. And just because you like little ponies means nothing. You having the courage to be who you are and stand up no matter what society says, that is worth its weight in gold,” Glenn concluded. “Send us your snapshots or whatever else you might have and we’ll post them. And Grayson, if you and your mom ever want to come down to Dallas, you let me know. You can bring your My Little Pony lunch bag, and I might bring My Little Pony lunch bag. And we can have lunch.”

Mar 12

The Micheal Monroes foundation has something awesome coming up over at NYU.  Sir Ian McKellen (the guy behind Gandalf, Magneto, ect) will be joining in an event called “Broadway Battles Bullying” on the 14th of April.  Tickets go on sale over here later in the week.  The actual address for the event is as follows: 

NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
566 LaGuardia Place, New York, N.Y.

Yes, we have actually reached that far with this. Good work everyone.  

-Equestria Daily

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