What tags would you like me to grind first when I start doing that again?


The purpose of this aggregation blog is to grind through the character tags of Tumblrpon, and publicize the art and drawblogs that it creates.

Warning: This is an extremely high-output blog (when I manage to keep the queue stoked), often ranging upwards of 200 posts per day. Only follow if you're prepared for maximum horse.'

The account that was Fisherpon previously is now my modblog, so if you're looking at a broken link try changing the 'fisherpon' in the URL to 'fishermod'. If you would like to find other, more regular blogs that aggregate Deviantpon creations, hit the Alternate link below.

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Mar 20

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    Fluttershy’s cuteness is deadly.
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    People need to learn not to piss off horses then.
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    Because you’re cute as fuck
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